Description of product "Sponsored Placements"

General information

Product "Sponsored placements" is intended for displaying the promo-materials from manufacturers of products (advertisers) on the pages of the online store and mobile application, and collecting metrics of user interaction with the displayed content.

In order to improve the efficiency of content impressions, the system allows online stores to set the context of the promo-block depending on the page type, and also give opportunity to limit the impressions of promo-content depending on the data available of each type of page.

Types of page

  • Product page;
  • Product group page (cart page, successful order page);
  • Category page;
  • Search page;
  • Other pages (main page, 404. etc.).

For example, on the product page it's possible to request content, display of which the advertiser has limited by specific product parameters (product price, category, etc); on the search page - by semantic core; on the product category page - by product category that user is viewing. On all pages advertiser can limit impressions depending on user profile/behaviour.
The system allows online stores to request different content for one place on the page.

Types of content:

  • Banner;
  • String;
  • Product shelf;
  • In the future it's planned to include more types of content;

If there is more than one type of content is available within one placement, the advertiser can select the type that's more appropriate to this campaign.


Advertising platform

A store that provides pages of its web or screens of its mobile application for placing advertisements. It has a partnerId, which can be received in the personal account or from the account manager.

Advertiser: A person/organization which is interested in displaying its content on advertising platforms, in order to achieve marketing goals.

Impression content

An object that contains required data for displaying to users of advertising platform. Requested by advertising platform by API for receiving sponsored placements. Displayed by an advertising platform in order to receive payment from the advertiser for viewing this content by the users of the platform.

While requesting it's necessary to use query request parameter acceptContent, to specify type of content, that advertising platform is ready to place.

acceptContent values:

  • string
  • productIds
  • banners
  • sharedBanners

If an adversting platform is ready to place more than one type of content, these types could be listed and separated by comma, for exapmple: acceptContent=string,productIds

Placement for ads

A place of ​​a web application page or a mobile application screen of an advertising platform, intended for placement of paid sponsored content. There are different types of placements depending on the type, location, or area:

  • any placement - a placement which can be located in any section of the web-site or mobile app;
  • product placement- a placement in the context of product card page / screen;
  • category placement - a placement in the context of category page / screen;
  • search placement - a placement in the context of search result page / screen;
  • product group placement - a placement in the context of products group; for example it could be basket or succesfull order page / screen;


The offer of the product catalog of the advertising platform. Has an identifier productId which has type "64-bit singed integer".


A group of products that are combined by arbitrary (important for an advertising site) feature. Has an identifier categoryId which has type "64-bit singed integer". Provided by adveristing platform.