Product API


The average time to update a XML file in the Retail Rocket system is up to 3 hours. If the product database is updated more often, you can use the product API, which allows you to transmit information about a specific product when the user visits the product card.

To transfer information about products to the RetailRocket platform when using the product API, you need to call a request on the product card. Sending a request adds information about a specific product or group of products to the system.



  • Quick update of product information.
  • The information in the RetailRocket database will be updated as soon as the product is visited by any user and the event starts.
  • No need to generate an XML feed.

Specificity of transferring categories by using product API

When transferring a product database via the product API, a tree of product categories will be built based on the values passed to the "categoryPaths" parameter.

For example, when transferring a product, the values ["Clothing/For kids"], the following nested categories will be formed in the system: "Clothes" -> "For kids".

The system will split categories by the "/" symbol, forming a nesting.

["Women/Clothing/Skirts"] - Women -> Clothing -> Skirts


Using categories in requests

In product category view events and recommendation requests, you need to pass the full path of the category.

A request that requires a category path parameter should get a category with full nesting.

If the user has viewed the category "Skirts", the query should take the value of the category "Women/Clothing/Skirts".