Re-subscription via pop-up

Re-subscribing allows you to return a previously unsubscribed user to the list of subscribers, because a client who has already been involved in communication (or even made purchases) is more valuable and more loyal to us than a regular site visitor.

Using a script installed on the site, you can find out the status of users' subscriptions and show the pop-up to those who have unsubscribed, offer to re-subscribe to mailing for additional benefits (bonuses, discounts or useful material), meanwhile ordinary visitors or current subscribers won’t see the pop-up.

The user needs to confirm the desire to re-subscribe in the pop-up. After that, one of three scenarios for resubscribing is possible:

  1. The user will receive a Double Opt-in email, and after he confirms the re-subscription in it, he will receive a service marketing email (that informs about customer's re-subscription or with any other content). After this customer will receive all future emails from all campaigns.
  2. The user will only receive a Double Opt-in email confirming the resubscription. Afterwards he will receive mass mailings.
  3. Resubscription occurs immediately in the re-subscription pop-up, after which a service marketing email will be sent.

How does it work:

  1. The customer enters the site
  2. The site has JS script installed that checks the current status of the subscriber. It returns the status of the user - whether it can be re-subscribed.
  3. If the user has never been subscribed to email newsletters or is currently subscribed, then nothing will happen within this functionality. If the user is unsubscribed and can be re-subscribed, then a pop-up window with an offer to re-subscribe should be shown (you can offer various bonuses for re-subscription or do without them, depending on the marketing strategy). We recommend setting a pop-up frequency limit - how often a pop-up can be shown to one specific user. For example, to show it once per session or no more than once every few hours/days.
  4. If the user agrees to re-subscribe and clicks on the “Re-subscribe” button on the pop-up window, then you need to call the Retail Rocket JS function, the launch of which is an event that initiates the re-subscription process.
  5. A service Double Opt-in letter is sent to the email associated with the session, in which the user must confirm his intention by clicking on the “Confirm subscription” button. When clicked, the user subscribes to the types of mailings that he previously unsubscribed from (mass or triggered), and gets to the landing page.

If the third resubscribe scenario is chosen, a marketing email will be sent to the user.
The user may receive:

  • Promocode that you were promising;
  • A link to a landing page where there may be discounted products or a special offer;
  • Bonus accrual;
  • Just a welcome letter, etc.

It is possible to send only one Double Opt-in letter, that is, if the user has not opened or clicked on it, then after some time he will not be sent a second letter. But at the same time, depending on the time limit for displaying a pop-up, it can be shown again, thereby initiating the ку-subscription process again.

Activating the re-subscription functionality.

  1. Add a JS code on site that will check the customer's subscription status
(window["rrApiOnReady"] = window["rrApiOnReady"] || [])
    .push(function () {
        try {
                "onSuccessCallback": function (d) {
        } catch (e) { }

We recommend adding it to the master page so that the status is checked on any page where the user can go.
Script can return statuses:
CanBeResubscribed = true
CanBeResubscribed = false

  1. For customers which have CanBeResubscribed = true you need to configure the display of the pop-up window for oversubscription.
    Pop-up can be implemented by any service or method. The only active element of the pop-up is a button to confirm the resubscription, there should not be a field with an email address, because we have already identified the user, and we need to re-subscribe the current address, and not get a new one.
    When clicking on the resubscribe button, you need to call the Retail Rocket’s JS function
(window["rrApiOnReady"] = window["rrApiOnReady"] || [])  
    .push(function () {  
        try {  
                "onSuccessCallback": function () { }  
        } catch (e) { }  

Calling this function starts the process of re-subscribing the user in accordance with the specified script settings.

  1. Recommendation: prepare a layout of Double Opt-in email.

A service letter should be minimalistic. Valid elements: company logo, text that explains the content of this letter, resubscribe button (it's allowed to be a duplicate of text, in case the buttons are not displayed in the letter), unsubscribe link.

The letter should not contain a header with a menu, links to product categories and any marketing links because clicking on any links other than the subscription confirmation button does not resubscribe the user.

For a marketing letter (if the first or third re-subscription scenario is chosen), the content can be anything, the requirements described above can be ignored. Send the finished letter layouts to your account manager. The re-subscription function is activated by Retail Rocket.