General Principles

General concepts

Integration with Retail Rocket consists in setting up the transferring of user behaviour by using JS tracking codes on the site, and transferring the product base by using a XML file, or using the product API - tracking code on the product card web page.

JS tracking-codes and API are described in the relevant sections.

Users behaviour

The Retail Rocket system calculates product recommendations by analyzing user behavior on the site. This takes into account views of products or categories, adding products to the cart, as well as orders. Tracking codes are installed on the site to collect statistics, on the basis of which recommendations are calculated. Therefore, the process of calculating recommendations directly depends on the correctness of implementation of the tracking codes.

In addition to analysis, tracking codes are used to send trigger emails. Sending an email (for most scenarios) occurs when two conditions are met:

  • The user left his email on the site;
  • The user performed an action that leads to the trigger, for example, viewed a product;

The product database

Product database can be transferred in Retail Rocket in two ways:

  • Via using XML-file;
  • Via using Product API tracker, that should be installed on the product page;