Sales history

The platform's algorithms will learn quicker if you upload your sales history data.

File format:

The history data is provided through a file with a .csv extension and a semicolon (;) as a delimiter. The first line of the file must not contain column names.

The file should have 4 columns:

  1. transaction ID. Can contain any character except quotation marks and semicolons.
  2. The date of the transaction. Has the format: YYYY-MM-DD.
  3. product ID. Should correspond to the product ID from the XML-file or product API.
  4. customer ID. May contain any character except quotation marks and semicolons.

If you don't have any internal user IDs, you can use the transaction ID. If the transaction contains multiple products, you need to use a separate line for each product. The recommended time frame for purchase history is 6-12 months.

Selling history file example:



Line 1: customer (ID=49) bought product (ID=3214) on March 12, 2023. Transaction ID 123.

Lines 2 and 3: customer (ID=50) purchased two products (ID=23 and ID=25) on April 13, 2023. Transaction ID 124.